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Beiliu city holds the peanut mechanized harvesting site meeting

In the morning of November 24th, the agricultural machinery bureau of Beiliu city held a ceremonious peanut mechanized harvesting site meeting of peanut production and training session in Xilang village, Xilang. At the meeting, more than 150 people, including the leaders and experts of the department of agriculture machinery bureau in Guangxi province and Yulin city, as well as the agricultural machinery system in beiliu and the peanut farmers in towns, attended the meeting.

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At the meeting, the machine thundered and crowded. The technical personnel of the factory explained the working principle and operation technology of peanut mechanical harvesting to the audience. Peanut harvesting mechanization, completely changed the traditional manual harvesting and semi-automatic mode. The production of mechanical harvest can be up to 2-3mu per hour with lower breakage of peanuts. It improves the yield, saves manpower and labor time and increases the income of farmers.

The successfully held site meeting and training represents further development in the promotion of peanut production mechanization in planting, harvesting and drying technology. The plant protection mechanization technology would be introduced next to promote the faster and better development of fully mechanized production of peanut in Beiliu city and make broad masses benefit from agricultural production mechanization and improve the production efficiency.