100,000mu of peanuts realized mechanized harvesting in Penglai
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100,000mu of peanuts realized mechanized harvesting in Penglai

In the scene of peanut harvesting in Penglai city, two peanut combine harvesters run back and forth in mature peanut fields. With the intermittent roar, seeding, soil loosening, pulling, carrying, earth patting, picking fruit, winnowing and loading of ridges of peanuts are completed with no omission of digging or grinding, and seedling and peanuts are separated thoroughly that farmers are satisfied with it. The cooperative leader introduces that the output of peanut combine harvester can be up to 2 to 3mu per hour with high harvesting efficiency and high quality that many farmers are rushing to agricultural machinery cooperative to order the machine for mechanical harvest of peanuts.

It is understood that this year, peanut planting area in Penglai has reached 106000mu and it has been harvested completely with machine harvest rate of more than 96%. The mechanized harvesting has obvious advantages. Its high efficiency and low loss are highly praised by users. In order to speed up the process of peanut harvesting mechanization, the Agricultural Bureau in Penglai pays constant attention to the demand of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and agricultural workers with reasonable dispatching of machinery, fully guarantees the work progress in peanut harvest season.

Peanut combine harvester

With the vigorous promotion of structural reform of agricultural supply side, deepening of agricultural structure adjustment and the desire of farmers to peanut harvest mechanization, the Agricultural Bureau takes a series of measures to intensify the promotion of peanuts and other cash crops mechanization. Make full use of national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy to encourage and promote the farmers to buy agricultural mechanization new machinery, actively introduce peanut combine harvest machinery suitable for local production and improve the level of equipment. And improve the farmers' enthusiasm of purchasing and using peanut machinery and the operation skill by convening the present meeting and training course. At the same time, set a good example of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and agricultural machinery farmers, which not only speed up the popularization and application of the peanut harvesting machinery, but also break through the bottlenecks of mechanization production of economic crops and improve the comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization.

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