Introduction of spiced peanut processing equipment
Peanut processing equipment in China

Introduction of spiced peanut processing equipment

A complicated peanut processing equipment production line are composed by many equipments, it may be a financial pressure for individual or small enterprise. In general, spiced peanut processing equipment are consisted of peanut sieving machine, peanut soaking machine, tasty pot, cooling belt, peanut roaster machine, conveyor for cooling and vacuum package machine. According to the function, the lowest price is over 100000Yuan. If you want to save money, only two kinds of equipment can be used, the others can be replaced by hand work. The boiler can replace of socking machine and tasty pot which can save a lot of money. The disadvantage is low production efficiency, long production cycle, and this is a good method to replace of the production line for the clients with low cost.

Peanut Roaster Machine
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