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The development of peanut peeling machine

Peanuts used to be treated as a secondary economic crop in China. However, with the development of more than 20 years after the reform and opening up policy, especially the international peanut research and the progress of peanut processing technology, great changes have taken place in peanut production at home and abroad, forcing people to rediscover the nutritional value and economic status of peanuts. China has become the world's production, consumption and export country in peanut with the world's first peanut production and export. It is one of the few agricultural products that earn foreign exchange through exports with obvious competitive advantage in our country. The annual export volume accounts for 42% of world export market. Peanut oil accounts for 25% of domestic oil consumption. However, the consumption of peanut and its products in our country is less than other Asian countries and regions and much less the western developed countries. The consumption space of peanuts still need to be exploited.

Peanut Peeling Machine
Peanut peeling machine is of great significance for peanut deep processing. The first step of peanut deep processing is peeling. Although the processing can also be conducted without peeling, the product quality differs from the quality of the products after peeling as well as the economic benefits, which must be increased in today's economic society. Thus, it is necessary to design a high efficient and economic peeling machine.

The existing peanut peeling process are wet peeling, dry peeling, rotary peeling, air blast peeling, etc.

The principle of peanut peeling varies, so a variety of peanut peeling machines are produced. Peanut peeling parts is the key working part of peanut peeling machine, technical level of which determines the breakage rate, peeling rate, production efficiency and other important economic indicators of peanut peeling machine. In the current production and sales, peanut kernel breakage is the most concerned indicator of the society.

The broken rate of peanut peeling machine before 1980s is generally greater than 8%. Peanut kernels processed can only be used for oil extraction and meet the export standards, but they can not be used as the seed for planting. In order to reduce the breakage rate, explore new peeling principle and develop new peeling parts become the important research topic for peanut peeling machine. The closed type drum with bars and grid concave type peanut peeling machine appeared in our country from the early sixties. Since 1983, a variety of new peeling parts with different structural types have been developed on the basis of the existing development of peanut peeling parts, the main economic and technical indicators, especially the breaking rate has been greatly improved.