The applying of colloid mill during peanut butter process
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The applying of colloid mill during peanut butter process

When talking about the most advanced equipment of process peanut butter, it can not mention to USA. In 80th of last century, our country imported 4 production lines of peanut butter production lines from USA, one of the production lines was settled at Wei Fang, Shandong province, the other three lines were settled at Jiang Su province and Hu bei province etc. Among them, the Wei Fang production line had the best production efficiency which became the NO.1 brand of peanut butter in china which has good quality and highest price of single piece.

Butter grinding machineThe process of peanut butter requires advanced production equipment especially the peanut butter grinding machine. The speed of IKN colloid mill is up to 14000 circles and the grinding heads can be classified into three grades. The Groove becomes shallow gradually from top to bottom and it has good grinding effect. It is objective to say that high quality and high single product prices are on the basis of objective conditions, that is the reasonable technology and advanced process equipment. The prices for the equipment can not be undertaken by the ordinary manufactures. Take example of the first American peanut colloid mill, the price for it is between 30, 0000—60, 0000RMB, one can imagine the price for the whole production line. Along with the marketing expanding of the peanut butter at home and abroad, some of the manufactures in our country has imported the single machine from abroad and equipped with domestic equipment as the production line, it also has good result. The peanut colloid mill can solves the problems of peanut grinding and the smallest mesh is up to 200mesh or even much higher. The peanut butter has high profits which can not be compared with the common peanut productions. In 1998, I was ordered to develop peanut butter production and succeed at the same year which determines the stable peanut butter technology through many experiments. I found many books and magazines of introducing the peanut butter technology. But there are two evident disadvantages of the technology during practical using: the first one is the quality defects. When the bottled stable peanut butter is produced, the unstable(unstable is one of the unqualified items) peanut butter account for 6% of the total. The second is the low yield and the reason is that the peanut butter use vertical cooling tank to reduce the temperature with low speed.

Working Video Making Peanut Butter
Making peanut butter

The technology process like this:

roasting—cooling—shelling---first grinding—stir---second grinding---cooling---finished products.

The above two disadvantages can not be found when producing the samples, but it can be found evidently in production. It is difficult for the pasty peanut butter which pass through the first grinding to mix with the ingredients in short period of times evenly, which is the main reason for the first disadvantages; the second advantages is the big diameter of the cooling tank and the peanut butter has small contact with the cooling surface which lengthen the cooling time and reduce the cooling speed. It is certain that the production is less.

On the basis of the above disadvantages, I developed the peanut butter process and the cooling equipment. The process is:

roistering---cooling—shelling---mixing---first grinding---second grinding---cooling—vacuum cooling (Temporary storage)—finished products.


The process put forward the mixing before the firs grinding, the features is that the peanut kernel can be mixed with the ingredients evenly in short time. Then after the first and second grinding, the stabilizer can mixed with the peanut kernel evenly and fully which lower the unstable rate of peanut butter or almost none. The unstable peanut butter has many reasons, but this can be removed. The vertical cooling tank is changed into horizontal scraper screw cooler. The feature is slim and even of peanut butter which has close contact with the cooling surface in short period of time and reduces the temperatures. The machine not only ensures the quality of peanut butter, but also improves the production which is a win-win solution. At last, a set of vacuum cooling tank are equipped with the cooling machine for supplement as well as the storage before filling. After the above technology adjustment and equipment improvement, the peanut butter production has been ensured and the peanut butter quality not only meets the national standards, but also welcomed by clients from home and abroad. Therefore, the first peanut butter producer is built in Lin yi and finished the history of no production of peanut butter in china. It makes Lin yi city the 4th city which can produce peanut butter( the top three companies in Wei Fang, Qing Dao and Zhao zhuang are mainly imported equipment).

In 2007, CCTV has reported that export of peanut butter in Ju Nan country is over hundred million dollars. The technology process has been widely used among many manufactures; the equipment of colloid mill has realized the total localization and has imported to abroad. The fact has rejected the conclusion in 90th of the last century that the national equipment can not produce and export the peanut butter.

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