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How to use the peanut shelling machine

Peanut sheller machine

Now more and more farmers begin to use peanut shelling machine. Therefore, some of them can not make full use the machine’s capacity due to not mastering how to use peanut shelling machine. It not only has bad performance of shelling with low efficiency, but also is easy to injure worker. The author would like to introduce how to use the peanut shelling machine.

1. Working principle of peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine consists of machine frame, fan, rotor, single-phase machine, sieve cloth (big and small), feeding hopper, vibration sifter, groove pulley and the driving belt. After the machine is in normal operation, a certain amount of peanut should be feed into the hopper evenly and continuously. Under the repeated hitting, friction and striking force of rotor, the peanut are crushed. The crushed granule and shell pass through the sifter with a certain aperture under the rotating and hitting force of rotor( for the first time, the sifter with the big whole are used, then the small kernel and shell are selected by the sifter with small holes), and they are filtered and separated. Under the blowing force of fan, the shell and kernel are separated. The peanut shells with light weight are blown out of the machine, while the kernel with heavy weight has been selected through the vibration sifter.

2. Requirement for the right way of using peanut shelling machine
1).The requirement for the peanut shelling machine. The machine should has clean shelling, high efficiency and are equipped with the cleaning device with high degree of cleaning; low loss rate, small breaking rate; simple structure, reliable, easy to adjust, less energy consumption and a certain kind of universality. It can be used for shelling of varied crops, to improve the utilization rate of machine.

2).The requirement for the peanut (with shell). The peanut should be not too dry or too wet. If they are too dry, the breaking rate is high; if they are too wet, it will affect the work efficiency. There are several ways to get the proper moisture content of material. (1).shelling in winter. Before shelling, use about 10kg warm water to spread on about 50kg peanut, and cover the peanut with plastic film( in other season, 6 hours for covering is ok). Then put the peanut under the sunshine for drying about 1 hour before shelling. (2). put the drying peanut into the water pond, fish out them after soaking, then cover the peanut by plastic film for about one day. Then put the peanut under the sunshine for drying, shelling the peanut before they are proper in moisture content.   

3. Usage and attentions
1). Before using, each part of fastening should be examine, and the rotating parts are flexible or not, the lubrication part has enough oil or not.
2). After the motor is in normal operation, the direction of rotor should conform to the direction pointed by the machine. After idle running for several minutes, observe the machine whether has abnormal sound. When the machine is in normal operation, the peanut can be feed into the machine evenly.
3). The peanut should be feed evenly with a certain amount. It can not contain iron scrap and stones etc, to avoid of crushing of peanut and mechanical accident. When the sifter is covered with peanut completely, the discharging mouth can be opened.
4). Select the appropriate sifter according the size of peanut.
5). When the peanut shell is increasing in the kernel, the motor should move downward to tighten the fan belt, so that the blowing amount is increased.
6). during operation, the worker should not be stand by the size of driving belt to avoid of injure.
7).after using a period of time, the machine should be clean the dust and dirt on the surface and the remained pellet and residues in the chamber. The belt should be unpacked for storage in another place. The diesel oil should be used to clean each part of bearing, and grease is coated with them. The machine should be place in the dry warehouse to protect from rain and sunshine.
8).each of the driving part and the bearing should be ensured to have enough oil with regular cleaning and replacement.

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