Structural composition of peanut picking machine
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Structural composition of peanut picking machine

Peanut picking machine is mainly composed of 13 parts, including the machine frame, motor (diesel engine), transmission part, fruit picking part, fan cleaning part, vibration mechanism, etc. The most important three parts are the feeding platform, roller and concave grid, fan and wind deflector. The following is a detailed description of the characteristics of them.
1. The feeding platform: it is composed of the fixed feeding board, mobile feeding board, up and down strut and other parts. The feeding platform is wide, easy to operate and convenient for transportation and storage after folding. There are many soil leaking holes on the feeding platform, which can leak the soil in peanut vines in the feeding process to alleviate the machine parts wear. In feed inlet of peanut picking machine is equipped with the feed inlet baffle. When turn the baffle by handle to block the roller inlet, the machine can be used as a cleaner for the second cleaning of peanuts. It can also be used in the cleaning operation of large grains.
2. Roller and concave grid: the roller is spike-tooth enclosed, mainly composed of the roller body, spike tooth, roller end ring and shaft. The spike tooth is arranged in spiral.
Concave grid is the arc lattice welded by flat steel and steel wire. The lattice is the rectangle of 106 x56mm, installed in the frame of sieve plate. The rear and front sliding plate is installed under the sieve plate. There is a dirt discharging board at the back of the roller. When the upper cover and the medium plate are closed, the roller and concave grid would form the room for fruit picking.
3. The fan and wind deflector: the fan blade is centrifugal, mainly composed of frame, blade, fan axis, shell, etc. The air flow is adjustable and air separation performance is good. The straw outlet is equipped with adjustable damper to control the discharge rate and improve the cleaning effect of peanut picking machine.

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The large and medium-sized dry and wet peanut picking machine developed by our company through years of research and development consists of dry and wet parts, truly realizing picking peanuts of different drying degrees on one machine with high working efficiency. It is the advanced picking machinery in domestic currently.