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Peanut harvester in China

The types of peanut harvester

Peanut planting industry starts to realize mechanization planting, mechanization from peanuts planting to deep processing has been basically realized. Here we would make a brief introduction of the types of peanut harvesting machinery:

1. Peanut digger
Peanut digger has a similar structure with general plough, often supporting with small four-wheel tractor or walking tractor. Peanut digger has simple structure, low cost and good performance with ground fruit abscission rate of less than 4%, loss rate less than 3% and broken rate less than 1%. It is the machine with stable performance and good economic benefit. But it can only be used for peanut digging operations. The following soil shaking, collecting and picking fruit also need to be accomplished by artificial. Thus, the work efficiency of peanut digger is lower and it can't meet the demand of multi-link mechanical work in peanut harvesting.

Peanut HarvesterPeanut Combine Harvester

2. Peanut harvester
Peanut harvester is mainly used for harvesting peanut and other crops under the ground with the features of high efficiency, lower breakage, running fast without trembling and no blocking by the grasses. Peanut harvester had been further improved on the function, it can realize digging and separation of fruit and soil, but artificial or mechanical collecting, transporting and picking of fruit are still needed. Swing digging is used instead of the combination of digging shovel and separating chain, digging and soil shaking can be accomplished in one part. Peanuts are spread orderly in the field after harvesting.

3. Peanut combine harvester
peanut combine harvester combines peanut digging, conveying, soil shaking, picking, cleaning and bagging process. It adopts wheel propelling, half feeding type picking, combined cleaning and elevating and other new technologies that greatly improves the performance of the whole machine and make it suitable for planting pattern and soil condition of most regions of the country.


Features of peanut combine harvester:
1. Adopting the combination mode of peanut planting and wide wheel space walking system, convenient to pick up the residual peanuts.
2. Unique design combined cleaning system consisting of the fan blower, shaking sieve and hollow chain screen with less impurity in peanut picking.
3. New elevating and conveying structure and hydraulic discharge system with easy discharging of peanuts.
4. Lower power consumption, lower broken rate and higher purity.

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