Maintenance of coating pan
Peanut Coating Pan Machine in China

Maintenance of coating pan

Coating Pan

Coating pan is the special equipment used for the production of chocolate, candy, peanuts, tablet and so on. It has been widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry for years. The coating pan has the features of smooth movement, low noise and zero pollution. Food processed by the coating pan has smooth surface and can meet the export processing standards.

In the operation of the coating pan, the rotation speed should be appropriate as the tablets can rise to a certain height with the rotation of the coating pan, then fall in a curve so that the coating material can be evenly distributed on the surface of the tablets with appropriate friction among the tablets. In recent years, stepless speed regulation is often used in the operation of coating pan.

1, The lubricating oil in the reduction box and the grease in inner cavity of the rolling bearing should be replaced regularly.
2, If not being used for a long time, the coating pan should be cleaned and oiled on the surface to prevent copper in pot body from being oxidized or producing toxic copper compounds after becoming damp.
3, In order to ensure the lubrication condition of the worm gear in the reduction gear box, the temperature rise of the box shall not exceed 50℃ in the operation.
4, The oil proof sealing ring in worm shaft end should be regularly checked and replaced (generally not more than six months).
5, The machine must be grounded firmly.
6, The electrical appliances and belt protective cover shall not be removed randomly.
7, Each part of the spray gun should not be removed and saved when not use. The spray gun and other parts should be kept separately. Before the preservation, add boiling water in the liquid cup and open the valve to clean the inside part of the spray gun.
8, After discharging of the machine, if no longer used for coating, the machine and pipeline should be cleaned.