Groundnut Grading Machine, Peanut Sieving Machine for Sale
Peanut Sieving Machine, Grading Machine for Sale

Peanut Sieving Machine

Peanut Sieving Machine Peanut sieving machine absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad with compact structure, reasonable, high efficiency, save energy consumption and easy to use. It has the characteristic such as being reliable, applicable in selected peanut kernels and achieve precise classification standard. The sprocket, chain drive push rod, sieve body smooth reciprocating screening, the screen piece are made with iron plate punching, each layer sieve body are returned to the disc, it can make the material in the screen piece by the whole process above screening, and clear materials in the halfway or front screen that is caused by the classification is not clear into the disadvantages, and each layer sieve bottom after all have certain lists, facilitate the material flow smoothly.

Type Overal Dimension Grade Output Power(kw) Voltage
ZH-S20 3200x1000x1200 3 0.8-1.2T/h 2.2kw 380V
ZH-S30 3200x1000x1900 4 0.8-1.2T/h 2.2kw 380V
ZH-S40 3200x1000x2200 5 0.8-1.2T/h 2.2kw 380V
ZH-S50 3200x1000x2600 6 0.8-1.2T/h 2.2kw 380V

Peanut kernels sieving machine has large, middle, small three types. It can be classified into 2-6 specifications; screening once can meet customer’s demand. The grading machine can be used with peanut stone removing machine, the product quality reach the export standard.