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Drum type peanut harvesting machine

Drum type peanut harvesting machine has reasonable structure, easy installation and operation, stable work and strong adaptability. The peanut harvesting machine is safe and efficient, the working efficiency is 2-4 mu/hour with the harvesting rate of 98%, fruit drop rate below 5% and fruit and soil separation rate of more than 97%. The peanut harvesting machine possesses many advantages that the similar products on the market at present do not have.

Peanut Harvesting Machine Peanut Harvesting Equipment

Drum type peanut harvester is used together with the tractor and mainly used for harvesting the tuberous plants such as cassava, potato, peanut, garlic, sweet potato, taro, etc. It can separate the fruit from the soil and put them regularly. The harvester combined with the tractor by the three point rear suspension with the characteristics of compact conformation, easy setup action, strong maneuverability, etc.

Installation and debugging
(1) Connect the four-wheel tractor suspension with the traction part of peanut harvesting machine and install the pin.
(2) Install the triangular belt in the two slot in the middle of the clutch pinion. Lift the peanut harvesting machine up when installing the triangular belt, then falls slowly and check the triangular belt to make it in line to prevent the belt from falling due to deviation. (The peanut harvesting machine is equipped with) triangular fixed wire is mainly used for fixing the peanut harvesting machine to prevent deflection or falling of belt.

(3) Adjust the depth roller to the appropriate depth, adjusting wire drawing and land wheel of the tractor. (the appropriate depth is that the peanuts can be plowed up without getting hurt)