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The development trend of peanut harvesting machinery

From the perspective of long-term development of peanut planting, peanut harvest machine should develop toward the direction of large-scale, combination, mechanical and electrical integration, intelligent, more reliable and safer. Some developed countries have transferred the high, precise and top-notch machinery, information, materials and processing technologies to the development and production of peanut combine harvester.

Peanut harvesting machinery in our country is in the stage of development, which is mainly indirect harvesting (harvesting first, then picking fruit, etc.). Combined harvesting technology is still in development stage. From the collected information in professional magazine and online now, some have already finalized the design, but there is no batch production. It shows that it can not reach the standard in a certain aspect. The accumulation in design, materials and processing and a large number of trials are still required. At present, the characteristics of the present situation of rural decentralized management in our country and the limitation of the consumption level of farmers as well as the large number of small and medium-sized tractor used decide that in the next period, peanut harvester of small and medium-sized power is still the object of design, production and promotion in our country. The small and medium-sized peanut harvesting machinery will be the leading product on the market of peanut harvester. Along with the accumulation and progress of our country in development technology of peanut machinery as well as the implementation of the land policy, high-tech peanut combine harvester will gradually become the main force in peanut harvesting in our country.

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Above all, development and promotion of the new type peanut harvester suitable for China's national conditions on the basis of the actual situation of peanut harvesting in our country have vital significance to satisfy the urgent demands of peanut growers and users of agricultural machinery in our country at the present stage.