Applications of peanut machinery in China
Peanut machinery in China

Applications of peanut machinery in China

According to the application, the peanut machine can be classified into peanut growing machinery, peanut harvesting machinery, peanut roaster machine, peanut shelling machine, peanut frying machinery and many other types. It can be classified into agricultural machinery and food processing machinery simply.

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In 2013, four measures have been taken in Qingdao, Shandong province, to promote the peanut mechanical processing. Peanut sawing all depend on mechanization, harvest rate of mechanical way was up to 75% which listed the peanut mechanical production technology as one of the ten agricultural mechanization technologies which was mainly promoted in 2013. It gives the guidance to the farmer on the peanut mechanical processing and accelerated equipment.

As for the current situation, the peanut machinery of the food processing machinery has not been fully concerned. In the near future, purchasing of peanut machinery of the food processing machinery will get government subsidy of varied amount. Because the peanut leisure food has wide market, and the peanut processing machinery is hotter in recent years.

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