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Peanut chopping machine

Peanut Chopping MachineMultipurpose peanut chopping machine uses the reciprocating cutter chopping and rolling cage classification to realize the evenly chopping. Now the peanut chopping machine is the most ideal equipment for peanut crushing due to the features of squeezing without oil leakage, standard classification, high finished products, and no pollution. It can be used for chopping and grading the peanut, hazelnut, almond, nuts, beans, wheat and other granular or banding feedstock. The peanut chopping machine consists of feeding, elevator, chopping and vibration grading, and the biggest advantages of it is high production and the crushed feedstock without oil leakage.

Peanut chopping machine is to elevate the shelling peanut into the cutting chamber through the elevator, and the crushing process is classified into two levels: the half kernel peanut is cut into granule with big size. Then the big granule peanut enters into the second cutting into the fine grain. The falling peanuts are classified into four classes with uniform size under the force of vibration sifter. The machine can be used to cut and crush the peanut kernel, soybean and other granular, sheet and banding feedstock. It is ideal equipment for chopping peanut.
Peanut Chopping Machine
The peanut chopping machine are mainly used for chopping and crushing of peanut kernel, fruit kernel which are consists of elevator, vibration feeding, roller type vertical and horizontal cutting knife and roller grading. Vibration feeding makes the peanut fall evenly on the digging hopper which are advantageous to chop of roller cutter evenly. The grading part uses the screw drum with different sifting cloth to meet the demanded specification. The peanut chopping machine has the advantages of high production, consistent grain size, good looks with less material consumption, reasonable structure, highest efficiency and endurance, easy operation, chopping peanut without oil etc. And the biggest advantages of peanut chopping machine are high production and chopping without oil. It can be packed easily, less occupation, high efficiency, less energy consumption, reliable operation and wide range of application.

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