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The use and adjustment of peanut harvester

How to use and adjust the peanut harvester in the daily work? The methods are as follows:
1. Installation of peanut harvester:
Mounted with the three points of tractor, note that the square shaft bracket of universal joint should be in the same plane with the bracket of square shaft sleeve.

Peanut Harvester

2. Adjustment of the penetrating angle:
Change the length of the longitudinal tie of tractor and adjust the angle of penetrating. When the tie rod extends, the penetrating angle decreases and vice versa.

3. Adjustment of penetrating depth and elevating angle of conveying chain:
Adjust the height of the land wheel to the rack by changing the site of the connecting hole of land support with longitudinal beam to change the penetrating depth and elevating angle of the conveying chain. With the increasing of penetrating depth of rising land wheel, the elevating angle would get smaller. Otherwise, the penetrating depth becomes shallow and the elevating angle is larger.

4. Tightness adjustment of conveying chain:
Adjust the adjusting bolt of the chain and change the distance of the sprocket. Tension or loose the conveying chain. Loose the bolts of protective block when adjusting. When the chain is too long, same section can be removed from the left and right chain.

When the moisture content of soil is higher than 18% and too soft that the machine may sink into the soil, then machinery operation is inadvisable. In the operation of peanut harvester, the elevation should not be too high in case that the universal joint would fall off. The descent can not be too fast to avoid the damage of shovel head. Clean up peanut vines and weeds twine in the conveying chain regularly.