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Peanut Peeling Machine in China

The advantages of peanut peeling machine

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The advantages of peanut peeling machine
1. The peanut peeling machine has lower loss and breakage rate.
2. Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment and less power consumption.
3. The peanut peeling machine can also be used in winter. Dry the peanuts in the sun for about 1 hour before peeling.
4. Demand for peanut fruit: peanuts should have proper moisture, too dry of peanuts would lead to high broken rate, while too wet would affect the work efficiency.

Our peanut peeling machine has reasonable design and compact structure. It adopts the principle of imitation of manual peeling and special peeling part, thus the peanut peeling machine has high peeling rate and whole kernel rate without any pollution. It is the indispensable equipment in the production of peanut, almond, broad bean, soybean and other deep-processing products.