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Peanut mechanization sowing technology

High benefit of deep processing of peanut planting mechanization

The planting area of perennial peanut is 1.5 million mu with the total output of more than 400000 tons, which makes Zhengyang county worthy of the name of "the first largest counties of peanut production of the whole nation" and the title has been kept for 18 years. From selling peanuts to peanut seed, from artificial cultivation to fully mechanization, from peanuts to deep processing products, peanut industry has become a large industry enriching Zhengyang county in recent years.

Peanut Planter

At the same time of high benefits of peanuts, long harvest cycle of peanut planting, high labor intensity and other issues once brought a lot of "trouble" for the local farmers. Formerly, it needed a day to complete peanut sowing, fertilization, ploughing, dibbling, mulching and compaction of 2 mu of land. Since using the multi-function peanut planter, ridging, fertilization, sowing, mulching and insecticide spraying can be completed one time that peanuts can be planted easily.

Peanut planting in Zhengyang county is developing toward mechanized operation from artificial cultivation. It is understood that the current Zhengyang county has 165400 sets of all kinds of peanut machinery, which realizes the whole mechanization from peanut planting to harvesting and the harvest time has reduced to one week from 45 days, which saves the labor input.

Now, focusing on the extension of peanut industry chain and creating added value, developing the fine processing of peanut, Zhengyang county has fostered 23 enterprises, including peanut oil, peanut protein and peanut products processing and has introduced a number of well-known domestic enterprises. Last year, the peanut processing increment rate of Zhengyang county reached more than 70%.