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Zhengyang fully mechanized peanut production

Zhengyang county is a large peanut planting county in China with the planting area of more than 150 mu. In recent years, the county actively introduces, demonstrates and promotes peanut production machinery by "policy guiding, government subsidies, science and technology supporting". The one line two ridges, two lines four ridges and four lines eight ridges series multi-function peanut planter combines ridging, fertilization, sowing, mulching and insecticide spraying are introduced. In the peanut harvesting process, large, medium and small peanut digging shovel and peanut combine harvester are popularized. In the peanut processing, the peanut picker, peanut sorting machine, peanut straw crusher, peanut sheller and peanut classificator are generalized.

peanut combine harvester

In addition to peanuts, many farmers also seize the business opportunities of peanut shells. They purchased the crusher to crush peanut shells into the base stock of cultivating mushroom or raw materials of feed and chemical enterprises.

Peanut Shelling Machine

The county increases fiscal subsidies for buying peanut machinery that peanut mechanization production is in rapid development momentum. At present, more than 95% of the county has realized the entire mechanical sowing, harvesting and processing, greatly reduces the labor intensity of farmers, improves the labor productivity and increases the farmers' income.