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Some tips for using peanut sheller

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of farmers using peanut sheller. However, many of them are failure to master the correct use of the peanut sheller. As a result, the maximum performances of the peanut sheller can not be ensured, which not only causes poor shelling quality and low efficiency, but also lead to injury accident. The following are some tips for using peanut sheller:

Peanut Sheller

The working principle of peanut sheller

Peanut sheller consists of frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (with two sizes), feeding hopper, vibration sieve, belt pulley, transmission belt and other components. When the peanut sheller is in normal operation, input quantitative peanuts into the hopper in a uniform and continuous way. The peanuts would be crushed under repeated strikes, friction and collision of the rotor. Then, the peanut kernels and broken peanut shells would be filtered and seperated through the screen with certain aperture under the rotating air pressure of the rotor(screen with large holes should be used in the first threshing, then small screen should be used for the second time shelling after cleaning the peanuts). Under the blowing of fan, peanut shells in slight weight would be blown out of the machine, the heavier peanut kernels would pass through the vibration screen for cleaning purpose. 

Requirements for using peanut sheller correctly

1. The requirement for peanut sheller. The peanut sheller should shell the peanut clean with high productivity and a cleaning device, high cleanliness is necessary; the loss rate and breakage rate should be low; with simple structure, reliable use, convenient adjustment, low power consumption and versatility. It can be used in the shelling of a variety of crops to improve the utilization rate of the equipment.

2. The requirements for peanuts. The peanuts should have proper moisture content. If the peanuts are too dry, the broken rate would be higher; while too wet would affect the working efficiency. In order to make peanuts in proper moisture content, the following methods can be used:
1). shelling in winter. Spray about 10 kilograms of warm water evenly in 50kg of peanuts before shelling, and covering with a plastic film for 10 hours or so (in other seasons, the covering time should be 6 hours, and then drying in the sun for 1 hour or so and the peanuts can be shelled.
2). Dip the drier peanuts in the pool, then pull them out immediately and covering with plastic film for 1 day or so, and then drying in the sun. Shell the peanuts when they are in proper moisture content.

Small Peanut Sheller

Small Peanut Sheller

The usage and precautions of the peanut sheller

1. Before use, check whether the fastener is tightened, the rotating part is flexible and each bearing has lubricating oil first. The peanut sheller should be placed on a stable ground.
2. When the motor starts, the direction of the rotor rotates should be consistent with the direction of the machine. Idling for a few minutes first to observe whether there is abnormal noise. When the machine is in normal operation, feed the peanuts evenly.
3. Peanut feeding should be uniform and in right amount. Iron, stones and other debris must not be contained in the peanuts to prevent broken peanuts and cause mechanical failure. When the peanuts are covered with full screen surface, then turn on the peanut outlet switch.
4. Choose suitable screen according to the peanut size.
5. When the peanut shells increases in the peanut sheller, move the motor downward to tense the fan belt and increase the blowing air.
6. When in operation, people must not stand on the side of the belt drive to avoid injury.
7. When storing the machine, remove the dust and dirt in the appearance and internal residual grain and other debris. Remove the belt and keep it separately. Clean each part of the bearing with diesel and spread with butter after drying. The peanut sheller should be covered and placed in a dry warehouse to avoid the sun and rain.
8. To ensure that there is enough lubricating oil in the transmission parts and bearings and make regular cleaning and replacement.

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