Technical study on groundnut shelling machine

Technical study on groundnut shelling machine

Besides the study on the principle and equipment, the research is also carried out on the shelling technology to improve the shelling rate and the shelling quality.

Grading process
The particle size of the material is large, thus it must be graded according to the size before shelling to improve the shelling rate and reduce the damage rate.

Moisture content
The moisture content of peanut pods has great influence on the shelling effect. If the moisture content is higher, the toughness of the shell would increase; if the moisture content is lower, the fines content of kernels is high. Thus, the most appropriate moisture content of peanut pods should be kept to ensure the difference of the maximum elastic deformation and plastic deformation of shells and kernels, that is, the moisture content of shells should be lower enough to make it have the greatest brittleness that can be fully broken in the shelling process. At the same time, the plasticity of the kernel should be kept. The fines content of kernels can't be too high under the action of external force due to the low moisture content, which can reduce the breakage of kernels.

Groundnut shelling machineGroundnut shelling machine

Improving the versatility and adaptability of groundnut shelling machine is still one of the main research directions. Currently, many groundnut shelling machines are designed just for one kind of peanut and regional growing environment, thus the groundnut shelling machine has poor universality, compatibility and adaptability. The universality and compatibility of groundnut shelling machine should be improved to make the groundnut shelling machine able to process other shelled materials by changing the main part. Develop shelling machines that can meet the need of different nut shelling operation by changing the main working parts, improve the level of manufacturing process and reduce the manufacturing cost to adapt to the needs of different processing enterprises. Whether groundnut shelling machine can adapt to the development trend or not will directly affect the application and healthy development of groundnut shelling machine.