Small Groundnut Shelling Machine, Peanut Sheller for Sale
Peanut Shelling Machine for Sale

Small groundnut shelling machine

This small groundnut shelling machine mainly contains 3 parts, the destoner for peanuts, conveyer and the groundnut sheller. It features compact structure, stable operation and less noise. One of the advantages of the groundnut shelling machine is that the conveyor part is effective and economical. The groundnuts can be conveyed by the machine-made wind directly. We have different model according to customer's requirements of capacity. It has reliable quality, excellent performance, and low rate of processing of peanut crushing.
Small Groundnut Shelling Machine

Peanut groundnut machine mainly advantage:

1. Low price
2. High efficiency, low breakage
3. Simple structure, easy operation
4. Small weight and move easily
5. Durable and long working life

Technical data of groundnut shelling machine:

Capacity: 200KG/H
Voltage:220V or 380V
Weight: abt.40kg

What should be noticed when using peanut sheller for shelling?

Small peanut shelling machineDuring the shelling process, there are a lot to be noticed when using the peanut sheller, the following are the main points:
1. Close the telescopic hopper before feeding. After the hopper is full of peanut fruits, open the gate slowly and close the outlet gate at the same time. When the peanut kernels and fruitlet are gathering in gravity separation sieve for about 20 to 30mm, then open the gate slowly so that peanut kernels can flow out smoothly and fruitlet would be left. In the production process, the kernel gate should be adjusted to the appropriate place, otherwise it will increase the breakage rate and reduce the cleaning degree.
2. When in the use of the peanut sheller, if the discharging gate of the kernel is open, but the peanuts can not be discharged, you can adjust the connecting rod screw to the long direction, then the peanuts can be smoothly discharged.
3. When in the use of the peanut sheller, if too many peanut kernels are found in the shells, you should reduce the air inlet of the fan. If there are too much shells in the feed inlet, you need to increase the air inlet of the fan appropriately.
4. When the peanut sheller works, the gravity sieve should be placed horizontally to make the impurity rate of peanuts from the outlet meet the requirement. 5. If the productivity of the peanut sheller is reduced in the process of using, you should adjust the belt tension of the fan to improve the productivity.

The peanut shelling machine produced by our company has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, good shelling effect and high productivity for processing various peanuts. Welcome to select and purchase.