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Peanut Shelling Machine for Sale

BK-3500B Peanut Shelling & Cleaning Machine

BK-3500B type peanut shelling and cleaning machine is a new generation of multifunctional speed-regulating peanut sheller machine of our company specifically targeted large customers. The peanut sheller machine can remove the mud and debris in the peanuts and remove immature fruit without stopping the machine. The peanut sheller machine can effectively reduce dust and improve the working environment of the operation personnel. The peanut kernels processed by the peanut sheller machine are in good quality, clean with bright color and less broken rate.

Peanut Shelling MachinePeanut Shelling Machines

Model Capacity Power Crushing rate
6BK-500 500kg/h 2*1.5kw ≤4%
6BK-1500 1500kg/h 7.8kw/4p ≤4%
6BK-1600 1600kg/h 11kw/4p ≤4%
6BK-3500 3500kg/h 2*7.5kw ≤4%
6BK-4500 4500kg/h 2*7.5kw ≤4%

Points to attention in the application of peanut shelling machine

With the wide application of peanut machinery and continuous development of market, peanut shelling machine has been widely used. But due to a large number of users do not well master the correct use of peanut shelling machine, which results in problems of the machine after using for a period of time or the mechanical properties have not been played out that indirectly decrease the mechanical efficiency and seriously influence enterprise's economic benefit and social benefit. Therefore, we must master the correct use of peanut shelling machine. Here is a simple introduction of the points to note when using peanut shelling machine:
1. Before use, we must make a thorough examination of various solid pieces, including whether the rotating part is flexible and each bearing has lubricating oil. The peanut shelling machine should be placed on stable ground.
2. We should also check the switch of the power before use.
3. When the machine starts, the direction of the rotor rotates should be consistent with the direction of the machine. We can make a test first to check whether it is normal.
4. Peanut feeding should be uniform and in right amount. Iron, stones and other debris must not be contained in the peanuts.
5. Before stop using the machine, we must make a thorough cleaning of the machine. Remove the dust and dirt in the appearance and internal residual grain and other debris. The peanut shelling machine must be stored in a dry place and avoid exposure to the sun. And we must bear in mind that the belt should be removed for safekeeping.