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Introduction and instructions of the peanut shelling machine

Peanut shelling machine is a machine that shells the peanut through high-speed rotation of the body and keeps the peanut complete at the same time.

Peanut Shelling Machine
1, Clean shelling and high productivity. For peanut sheller with the cleaning device, it requires a higher cleanliness.
2, Low loss rate and broken rate. Simple structure, reliable to use, convenient adjustment, low power consumption with certain versatility. It can be used to shell a variety of crops, in order to improve the utilization of the machine.
3 Requirements for the peanut. The peanut should have proper moisture content. If it is too dry, it would increase the broken rate; while too wet will affect the work efficiency. The storage of peanuts in rural area is generally dry, the following methods would keep the moisture content of the peanut appropriate.
4, When shelling in winter, spray about 10 kilograms of warm water evenly on 50 kilograms of peanuts before shelling, and cover it with a plastic film for about 10 hours, then drying in the sun for 1 hour or so, you can start shelling. In other season, the covering time by the plastic film is about 6 hours, the rest procedures are the same.
5, The relatively dry peanuts can be immersed in a large pool, then bring them up immediately and cover with a plastic film for about one day, then drying in the sun. You can start shelling when the moisture content is suitable for shelling.

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Attention points of peanut shelling machine

With the extensive application of peanut machinery and continuous development of the market, the peanut shelling machine has also been widely used. But a lot of users do not master the correct way to use the machine, it results in many problems after using for a period of time or the performance of the machine itself doesn't been played out. It also leads to a decline in the efficiency of the machine indirectly and influences the economic benefit and social benefit of the enterprise seriously. So we must master the correct way to use the peanut sheller machine. Here is a simple introduction of attention points when in use of the machine:
1. We need to make a thorough examination of every fastening piece before use, including whether the rotating parts is still flexible, and whether there is not enough oil in the bearing. We need to put the machine on the ground steadily.
2. We had better check the switch of the power before use.
3. After the machine starts, the direction of rotor rotates should be opposite to the direction the machine marks. We can make a test first to check whether it is normal.
4. The peanuts should be fed uniformly and appropriately, iron, stones and other debris are not allowed to be mixed with the peanuts.
5. After using for a period of time, we must make a thorough cleaning of the machine before stop using it and remove the dust on the surface, including cleaning of the remaining pellets in the machine. The machine must be stored in a relatively dry place and avoid exposing to the sun. And we must keep in mind that the belt need to be removed for storage.

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