The production demonstration of peanut machinery was held in Jinjiang
The production demonstration of peanut machinery

The production demonstration of peanut machinery was held in Jinjiang

On the morning of July 20, a demonstration of peanut mechanization production convened by the Agriculture Bureau of Jinjiang was held in Huaqi agricultural cooperatives in Shenhu.

Peanut Machinery

In the demonstration meeting, participants viewed the peanut mechanical sowing, harvesting and shelling process, and made a comparison between manual and mechanical harvesting of peanuts. The relevant experts of provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences also tested in mechanical production. “At present, peanut planting area in Jinjiang is 50000 acres, but in recent years, due to the high labor costs and the peanut harvest season happens to be in the "dog days", it is hard to find workers for peanut harvesting because of the hard working environment, which results in the decrease of farmers’ enthusiasm of planting peanuts and decreases in production. Traditional manual harvest of 1 mu of peanuts requires 7 people to work 8 hours at the same time, and the labor cost is about 1000 yuan, while the mechanical harvest can be completed in only 1 hour.” introduced by the expert from Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The 3 sets of machinery in the test is the latest model of peanut machinery in Fujian province, which is efficient, fast, labor and time saving. It not only saves the labor costs, but also effectively solves the rural labor problem.

The relevant person in charge of Jinjiang Agriculture Bureau said that HuaQi agricultural cooperative has established peanut mechanization production, experiment and demonstration project base in Fujian province. It would strengthen the promotion through experiment and demonstration in the future to make peanut planting farmers in Jinjiang familiar with peanut mechanization production technology and improve the city's peanut mechanization level.