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The choice of common peanut planter

Matters need attention when using peanut planter

Peanut Planter

(1) Seed selection. Peanut after shelling can be divided into the first, second and third level. The peanut of first and second level can be used as seed. When sowing, the clearance of seed-metering wheel can be adjusted according to the level of peanuts.
(2) Soil preparation. Peanut machinery planting has higher requirement on soil preparation. No matter which plot it is, harrow and leveling in early spring should be made on the basis of the deep ploughing to level the soil and make the topsoil loose on the top and solid on the lower part without weeds and clod. Sowing contiguously as far as possible in order to improve the working efficiency.
(3) Sowing. The planting depth should be adjusted when sowing. Seed spacing and planting distance are determined by the characteristics of peanut growing, which generally need no adjustment. The seeding disc of peanut planter need to be changed according to the size of peanuts.
(4) Seed manure. Granular fertilizer should be used and the feed mouth of peanut planter shall not be blocked to avoid uneven fertilization.
(5) Mulching. When using the weeding membrane, the membrane shall be taut rather than lengthened. When using common membrane, spray herbicide according to the required concentration.