Peanut butter making machine with circulating pipe
Video of Peanut Butter Making Machine

Peanut butter making machine with circulating pipe

The peanut butter making machine is specialized for refining and grinding the fluid and semi-fluid materials. Under the high speed rotation, high frequency vibration and high speed swirl of the rotary teeth and stationary teeth, the materials can be effectively and evenly dispersed, emulsified, smashed and homogenized to get the ideal final product. The material can be ground circularly through the circulating pipe to achieve the best grinding effect.
Except the motor, all the parts contacting with the material are made of superior stainless steel, especially the rotary and stationary teeth, thus the processed products are clean, sanitary without any pollution.
Features of the peanut butter making machine:
1. Grinding, crushing and high speed stirring.
Adopting high speed stirring force, wet ultra-fine crushing, strong dispersion and mixing.
2. Automatic circulating grinding function.
Automatic circulating grinding mode can be used when the grinding fineness haven't reach the ideal effect. The circulating pipe is made of stainless steel material, health and wear-resisting.
3. The thickness of grinding is adjustable.
With the grinding fineness of 1-30 microns, high hardness and high precision gear grinding, durable and fine grinding.