How to choose vegetable washing machine
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How to choose vegetable washing machine

When choosing the vegetable washing machine, the cleaning requirement must be considered. Different cleaning techniques and equipment should be selected for different cleaning levels. The higher the cleaning requirements, the higher the cost of cleaning. The cost of cleaning increases geometrically.

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The following aspects should be taken into consideration when choosing vegetable washing machine:
1. The reliability
The cleaning equipment is required to have stable cleaning quality, which can achieve the desired cleaning degree.

2. Effects on cleaning objects
The damage to the cleaning object should be as small as possible, and there should be no secondary pollution on the cleaning objects.

3. Conducive to the protection of the natural environment
The cleaning equipment is required to prevent or minimize the damage to the natural environment caused by cleaning waste liquid, noise and waste gas.

4. The efficiency
The cleaning equipment should have high efficiency and labor saving characteristics;

5. Good working environment
The cleaning equipment is required to maintain good working environment and ensure the health and safety of workers;

6. Economy

The cleaning process should meet the requirement of cleaning degree with low cost.

Raw materials of food processing are often polluted by dust, sand and microbial pollution in the mature stage and the process of transportation and storage. Therefore, they must be carefully cleaned before processing to remove the debris and unqualified parts for better processing in the following part.