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Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine for Sale

Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine

Industrial vegetable washing machine
Vegetable washing machine mainly takes the method of bubble cleaning and spraying to separate the surface attachments on vegetables effectively. It can avoid the touch, bump and scratch in manual cleaning and realize assembly line work of vegetable cleaning. There are full mesh belt type and half mesh belt type vegetable washing machine designed according to the proportion of vegetables. The full mesh belt type vegetable washing machine is suitable for materials with greater proportion than water or the material that is afraid of being damaged.

Scope of application of vegetable washing machine:
Vegetable washing machine is widely used in washing leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, mushrooms, celery, spinach, cabbage and root vegetables, such as potato, carrot, white radish, etc. The vegetable washing machine produced by our company adopts the advanced water treatment technology to make the cleaning water recycle that 80% of the clean water can be saved. It is the essential equipment for processing industry of clean vegetables.

High-pressure water spray devicesMesh belt of the vegetable washing machine

Features of vegetable washing machine:
1. The effective width of mesh belt of the vegetable washing machine is 1000mm and the mesh belt is made of 304 stainless steel;
2. Equipped with surfing air pump. The material can be cleaned under the wave, and the cleaning effect of the product can be greatly increased. The power of surfing air pump is 4kw;
3. The tank is equipped with overflow device through bubble floating. The floating impurity can be discharged by the overflow through floating debris removal device. There is a quick release type impurity filter that the floating impurities can be removed at any time;
4. The vegetable washing machine is equipped with four impurity removing brushes. The hair or fiber on the surface of the material can be removed through the rotation of brush. The brush can be disassembled quickly for easy removing and cleaning. The hair of brush is 0.2 silk yellow nylon yarn;
5. The upper part of the tank is equipped with eight high-pressure water spray devices;
6. The slope lifting section has a secondary sprinkler system, which can make the material cleaned and sprayed twice.

The vegetable washing machine adopt stainless steel SUS304 material (except the motor, bearings and other standard parts),completely in line with food hygiene requirements, The machine is equipped with bubble generator to make the materials tumble, remove pesticide residues on the surface of material. At the same time,you can add the right amount of potions to disinfection of solid color, floats are available to overflow from the overflow tank, sediment from the discharge outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning.