Potato Washing Peeling Machine for Sale
Potato washing machine and peeler

Potato Washing Machine

Potato peeling and washing machine is designed for peeling and washing of potato, ginger, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables. Hard brushes and soft brushes can be used respectively according to the characteristics of the raw materials to avoid excessive damage of materials as far as possible. The machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel with automatic spray equipment. Thus, materials can be washed and peeled more thoroughly. It is also equipped with motor overheating, leakage protection devices. Due to its features of convenient operation and safety, the potato peeling and washing machine is widely used as a necessary vegetable washing machine in hotels, universities, colleges, factories, mines, dining room of enterprises and food processing plant.

Potato Washing Machine

Model specification: GR1200/1500/2000
Applicable scope: potato, large ginger, sweet potato peeling and washing

Characteristics and advantages of potato peeling and washing machine:
1. Professional design: potato and other materials can be poured into the tank of potato peeling and washing machine easily.
2. High efficiency: 250kg taro or potatoes can be peeled in one hour by model 25 potato peeling and washing machine. Only 5 minutes is needed for peeling each time.
3. Clean peeling: time, water and electricity saving and safe. The material after peeling is clean and there would be no crack or breakage, and the color is bright and fresh.
4. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and other materials with different sizes can be mixed for quick peeling.
5. Durable equipment: non-rust and clean. The brush rolls are not easy to deform, which reduces the human cost and improves the efficiency.

Potato washing peeling machine

Composition of potato peeling and washing machine:
1. The brush of the potato peeling and washing machine adopts the advanced nylon wire brush, finishing and wear-proof. It can make the material cleaner and more lustrous.
2. The whole machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, sturdy and durable. The roller has four point supporting, convenient to move.
3. Double row industrial chain drive, wear resistance, larger tolerance capacity, safe and reliable.
4. One-piece gear motor with lower noise and longer service life.
5. With grease pipe for oil supply that the lubrication of bearing is more convenient.

Working principle of potato peeling and washing machine:
Through the rotation of brushes and friction of the brush head and the surface of materials, the material can be cleaned, peeled and polished. Brush of different thickness can be used according to the effect of washing, peeling and polishing. The potato peeling and washing machine adopts centrifugal rotation and friction peeling technique.