The development of peanut machine
Peanut machinery in China

The development of peanut machine

We are the biggest peanut producing country in the world, and the output is about 150 billion ton stably, which account for about 43% of the total output in the world. Peanut industry has great impact on increasing farmer income, maintaining nation food safety, improving ecological environment, as well as improving the continuous development of agriculture, increasing the international competitive ability of agricultural products and improving the resident's nutrition conditions, etc.
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Features of peanut industry in our country
1) The price of peanut is fluctuating, which greatly affects the enthusiasm of farmer for planting.
2) The peanut machine is still not perfect. After too much survey, it found out that the technique for peanut planting, harvesting and shelling is still urgent to perfect, which can are not meet the demand for the current production requirement.
3) Plant diseases and insect pests affect the peanut quality and output. It mainly contains peanut brown spot, black spot, white grubs and aphid.
4) Changing of peanut market price greatly affects the efficiency of peanut processing enterprise.
5) Changing of peanut market price greatly affects the market occupancy of our country in the world.

Along with the adjustment of agriculture structure, as well as the rising price of peanut price in recent years, the area for growing peanut is enlarging. Peanut has high economic value, and the peanut seed can be made into varied health food like peanut oil, the peanut shell can be made into various kinds of building materials with high market demand. Shelling the peanut by hand is a kind waste of time and energy with low labor efficiency, which can not adapt to the market demand. It is a necessary development trend of peanut machinery to use peanut shelling machine, it is also a primary element of mechanization of peanut production.
Peanut harvesting machine
In addition, there are big demand for the harvest machinery at home and abroad market. At present, the absolute value is the smallest comparing for the machine harvesting, tractor ploughing and machine sowing area and the amplitude is the biggest, it is the most typical issue for mechanization of peanut production, especially for the big agriculture province like Shan Dong province which is comparatively backward in the light of machinery of harvester. The peanut harvesting mainly depends on human being which is a waste of time and energy with high cost. Wheat combine harvester has the successful experience of foreign services and cross-regional operation. The farmer has taken peanut harvester as a way of increasing income. Just like any other type of agricultural products of high quality, advanced technology and marketable has been popular among agriculture machinery large family and dealer among peanut growing area, which has been spotlight to increase their income.

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