The applying of peanut roaster
Peanut roaster in China

The applying of peanut roaster

The peanut roaster consists of heat converter, air supply service and roaster box, etc. People consume that the roaster is a kind of machinery equipment which are used to roaster the peanut when watching the words "roaster". Actually, the peanut roaster can not only roaster the peanut, but also can be used to roast the nuts and seeds like broad beans, coffee beans, melon seeds and nuts.
roaster machine
The peanut roaster adopts the principle of rotary cage, heat transmit and thermal radiation, which uses the coal (or natural gas, oil or electricity) as fuel. During the roasting process, the materials are being moved by the screw plate which forms the consistent rotating. Thus, materials in the peanut roaster can be heated uniformly, which ensures the good roasting quality and lower production cost. The peanut produced by the roaster is clean, health and crispy.

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