Operation process of coating pan
Peanut, Soybean Peeling Machine in China

Matters needing attention when using soybean peeling machine

(1) In the commissioning, all transmission parts should be filled with lubricating oil, especially the bearing and vibration motor. Check whether there is any block or collision and pay special attention that whether there is iron, screw or hard object between the peeling rollers. The manual peeling rollers are required to move freely. Then, connect the power supply to adjust the direction. Starting the machine orderly from (the suction hose fan), hull and kernel separation sieve, peeling machine to the feeding roller (shutdown conversely). Idling for 30 minutes and check the position of bearing and motor drive carefully. When there is no abnormal sound, feed a small amount of materials for commissioning.
(2) Stop the peeling machine and adjust the clearance between peeling rollers according to different peeling raw materials and technology requirements of production process. It is commonly 2.5-3.5 mm for soybean peeling. Hull and kernel separation sieve with different apertures can be used to satisfy the demands of the best technology.
(3) It is strictly prohibited to start or shutdown with materials in the peeling machine. If the machine stops suddenly, the operator should remove materials manually. Start the peeling machine when the peeling roller can rotate freely.
(4) During normal production, check the transmission parts regularly according to the production time to ensure the oil level and fasteners in normal condition. In major repair of the soybean peeling machine, the operator can open the bearing cover to clean the bearing with gasoline then filled it with butter.
(5) The vibration motor, motor base and drive shaft must be fastened with double nut in order to avoid the oscillation of the vibration motor caused by the loose of motor base and lead to the shaft fracture.

Soybean peeling machine

1 In the operation of the machine, it is strictly prohibited to use hand or other things to block the tuyere and spray gun in order to avoid damaging the tuyere and the spray gun.
2 The finished products after coating must be dried in low temperature(air dry is better) and keep turning; avoid exposure and high temperature drying, otherwise it is easy to make pills oily or discolor.
3 The liquid adding or withdrawal of powder each time should be distributed evenly; after being fully dried, solution can be added again. The viscosity of the solution should not be too large, otherwise it is not easy to distribute evenly.

The soybean peeling machine is suitable for soy (soybean), peas, almond and peanut peeling and separation with the peeling rate of over 98%. It is the ideal equipment for deodorization and improving the grade of soy products.