What need to be noticed when using the peanut sheller
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What need to be noticed when using the peanut sheller?

With the extensive application of peanut machinery and continuous development of the market, the peanut sheller has also been widely used. But a lot of users do not master the correct way to use the machine, it results in many problems after using for a period of time or the performance of the peanut sheller doesn't been played out. It also leads to a decline in the efficiency of the machine indirectly and influences the economic benefit and social benefit of the enterprise seriously. So we must master the correct way to use the peanut sheller machine. Here is a simple introduction of attention points when in use of the peanut sheller:

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1. Users need to make a thorough examination of every fastening piece before use, including whether the rotating parts is flexible, and whether there is not enough oil in the bearing. We need to put the machine on the ground steadily.
2. Users had better check the switch of the power before use.
3. After the machine starts, the direction of rotor rotates should be opposite to the direction the machine marks. We can make a test first to check whether it is normal.
4. The peanuts should be fed uniformly and appropriately, iron, stones and other debris are not allowed to be mixed with peanuts.
5. After using for a period of time, thorough cleaning of the peanut sheller should be made before stop using it and remove the dust on the surface, including cleaning of the remaining pellets in the machine. The machine must be stored in a relatively dry place and avoid exposing to the sun. The belt need to be removed for storage.

In order to improve the efficiency of the peanut sheller, the following points should be noted.

1. Selection of materials is the key. Pay attention to the hardness of the material while selecting. The harder the material is, the harder it will be to shell and the more the peanut sheller wears. The peeling speed is slow and the peeling ability is small.
2. The moisture content of the material also matters, that is, the material containing large amount of moisture is easy to adhere in the peanut sheller, and it is easy to get clogged during the feeding process, resulting in the decrease of the shelling ability. Thus, users should try to reduce the moisture content of material before shelling so that the peanut sheller can work better.
3. There is high requirement for the fineness of shelling, which means that the finer materials are required to shell, the smaller the sheling ability would be. The more fine powder contained in the shelling material, the more the effect of shelling, because the fine powder is easy to adhere, which would affect the conveying. The material containing large amount of fine powder should be screened before shelling.

Above is a brief introduction to the peanut sheller, and hope it would help you. The main products of our company are peanut cleaning machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut roasting machine, peanut butter machine, frying machine and other corollary equipment. Welcome to purchase our product.