Classification of peanut harvest machinery
Peanut harvester, peanut harvesting machine inf China.

Classification of peanut harvest machinery

For a very long period of time, the planting, harvesting and processing of peanut are all been finished by manpower which has high labor force and low production efficiency. According to simple estimation, the time of peanut harvesting accounts for 1/3 of the time of peanut process. While the cost at this period accounts for 50% of the cost of the whole peanut processing. Evidently, the peanut harvesting by mechanical method is an effective way of reduce the cost for harvest and increase the yield. Then what's the peanut harvesting machinery are?
Drum Type Peanut harvester machine
The first is to use the digger to dig and harvest, some use domestic animal pulled the walk-plough to dig.
The second way is to use harvesting machine. The harvesting machine completes the digging, shaking the earth and laying at one time.
The third is the peanut combine harvester, and this machine is still researched in our country at present.

Since the peanut harvester has been researched in china, various type of prototype and product have been published which has play a role during the machinery process of peanut harvesting machine. But the total process of peanut harvesting still can no completed at one time currently, it still need the above two pressures. The first one is to dig the peanut from the earth.

The function of it is to dig the peanut from the earth, but the soil on the peanut has not been treated. Removing the soil on the peanut, collective and lay are all completed by man power. Therefore, the structure of the peanut digger is comparatively simple. It is easy to be made, so the failure rate is low in practice. It spends about hundreds of Yuan to buy this machine. Most of the peanut digger has low prices, low cost which are fit for work at the small area field in the mountain area. But the primary issue is the loss of peanut pod and they are buried into the earth. So a new model which combined the digging, shaking and laying function emerged on the market. There are mainly two types of peanut harvesting machine: one is America peanut harvesting machine, the other is the small scale peanut harvesting machine developed by our country.
Peanut combine harvester
The American harvesting machine is to harvest the peanut through the digging blade and shaking chain, to dig the peanut, separate the peanut with soil and lay them. This machine has been applied in the production from 1970s, but it is not easy to promote this machine from the current situation. It separates the two parts of digging and separating, and the driving system is much complicated, so does with the structure. The production cost is high, so does with the price. In addition, the more complicated the machine, the higher the failure rate. Also, the machine needs to be equipped with large or middle scale tractor which is not fit for the production method in rural area. Now the most popular type on the market is the small scale peanut harvesting machine. it has the feature of small volume, less cost and low damage rate.

The third type is the peanut combine harvester, which combines the peanut digging, earth shaking, picking and collecting of the fruit by one machine, as well as laying the peanut straw in the field. It is now in the development phrase, and there is no mature mill type. According to my knowledge, about dozens of factories are researching all over the country. Some of them has prototype, but the machine perform not good in the aspect of performance. Now it has no shaped product. Due to the feature of other crops, the peanut combine harvester has been developed, which reduces the time of enter into the field from the point of view of protective tillage. On the other hand, it can reduce the energy consumption, or it can be called friendly cultivation. In addition, the peanut combine harvester save the labor force with high efficiency. The production cost is low either. Large scale peanut combine harvester are fit for the large-area field by machine harvesting, the cost for the machine is 7-8 times of the common type of peanut harvester. In short period of time, the peanut combine harvest can not replace of small scale peanut harvester.

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