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The choice of common peanut planter

1. The small single peanut planter. By traction of small four-wheel tractor to complete sowing, fertilization and repression. It is staggered double line on the ridge with side deep fertilization and seedbed repression. Seed germination rate should above 95% and cleaning should be made before sowing. In general, the production of small single peanut planter can reach about 1.5 hectares per day. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and low price.

Small single peanut planter
2. The multifunctional peanut planter. Matching with small four-wheeler, it can complete peanut sowing, fertilizing, insecticide spraying, mulching procedures, etc. Seed germination rate should be more than 95% and cleaning should be made before sowing. The soil preparation requires flat ground, small and broken topsoil, no residues of sundry to avoid the film breakage. It has the form of big ridge line double ridges sowing with the ridge distance of 90cm and 3 hectares per day.

Peanut Planter
3. Large peanut planter. It is the planter of more than four lines matched with more than 50HP large tractor and the daily workload can reach 6 hectares.