What's the difference between home use flour mill and grain mill
Homeuse flour mill and grain mill.

What's the difference between home use flour mill and grain mill?

The flour mill and grain mill are often used process grains, legumes and family ingredients into powder in order to make it more convenient to eat. Then, what's the difference between home use flour mill and grain mill?

Small electric grain mill

Home use grain mill is still widely used in the household, such as making the soybean into powder for better brewing. Mill rices into rice flour, stir in boiling water to make rice paste; when making soups or dishes, it will be easier and tastier to break the ingredients slightly. Before research and development of home use grain mill, various conditions appropriate for household have been taken for reference, including the small size, safe use, attractive appearance, fast grinding speed and more convenient dumping, but because it is for home use, the small grain mill cannot work continuously for a long time. Do not work over 5 minutes every time. If the processing quantity is large, the machine must rest during the operation to prevent damage of motor caused by bearing overheating.

Home use flour mill

The flour mill is commonly used in all kinds of grain and food industry, auxiliary processing of food and oil in supermarket, etc. A series of process, including roasting, frying and milling of grains can be achieved by cereal oven, nut roasting machine, flour mill and other equipment. Because it can be used for commercial or home use, its technical parameters, output and continuous working time are much better than that of the grain mill. When the motor of the mill starts to run, the connecting shaft and the grinding disc on the connecting shaft work together. The material flows into the mill sleeve from the hopper. Through relative rotation between the packing auger of millstone and mill sleeve, the material would be ground into particles of small pieces by the crushing force. Then, small particles would be brought into the space between two grinding discs by spiral movement of the packing auger. The relative operation of insection of grinding discs can make the material crushed into fine powder particles in a short period of time and flows out from the intertooth space of grinding disc, thrown around and put down by the powder plate at the same time, then flows from powder outlet.