Operational considerations and maintenance of peanut peeling machine
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Operational considerations and maintenance of peanut peeling machine

The peanut peeling machine is the equipment to remove the red skin of the peanut, it mainly use the way of rolling and rubbing to remove the red skin which has the features of stable performance, long life service, good peeling effect, high production efficiency, less broken rates and good quality etc. And it is suitable to process various kinds of peanuts. It is one of the important tools which contributed much to the development of peanut equipment.

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Next, let’s introduce the operational items of peanut peeling machine before start up.
1. Connect the three phrase electricity of 380 volt before using and start the motor, examine whether the operation direction is consistent with the indicating direction of the machine arrow. If the direction is not consistent, exchange the two sides of the power resources arbitrarily, therefore the direction is consistent with the arrow direction.

2. The peanut should not be too dry, or they are easy to break. The moisture content should be remained about 9%, or the breaking rate is increasing.

3. Before feeding the peanut into the machine, it is better to grade the prepared peanut at first and separate the different type and different size of peanut kernels. Then the sifter with the proper specification is confirmed. Therefore, it greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the broken rate.

4. After run-in, the machine could be feed materials for production if the machine is in normal operation without any abnormal sound.

Next, we would like to introduce the right way of maintaining the peanut peeling machine.
1. The peanut peeling machine uses the V-belt for transmission. After a period of time of using of new belt, the belt become long and appears flabby gradually due to the pulling force. It is necessary to check up the tightness of each transmission belt and whether the gap of each matching parts is proper or not with timely adjustment.

2. During the operation of the peanut peeling machine, it is necessary to check up the rotating speed, sound and temperature of the machine. After finish one type of material or a day’s work, the machine should be stopped to examine each parts of the bearing is too hot or not, whether each screws and pinches of the fastening parts is loose or not. If found the tightness, it should be fixed in time, especially for the high speed rotating parts, like up and down blade of the fan. The down blade of the fan is wearing or broken, the mending plate of the external of the blade is wearing or out of shape. If the problems are found, it is necessary to repair and replace the broken part.

3. For the hanging shaft of the sifter and the live nodal bearing, it is necessary to check up the wearing condition due to lack of oil. Once appearing, it is necessary to add the oil and replace the broken part in time. After every time of work, the bottom of the sifter of the machine--the gaps of the fish plate should be cleared with steel wire brush regularly.

4. After the processing season is over, the machine should be examined completely. Check up the operation of the each bearing and the wearing condition; check up the sifter bottom is deformed or cracked; check up the wearing condition of the sifter.

After examination, the broken part should be repaired and removed the dirty things and the remained peanuts in the machine. 5. After using of the peanut peeling machine, the belt should be unpacked. The machine should be stored in the dry warehouse. The unpacked belt should be hanged on the walls without sunshine.

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