Application of peanut machinery in mechanized planting
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Application of peanut machinery in mechanized planting

With the use of industrial equipment in the field of agriculture, mechanized planting has been realized in peanut planting industry from planting to deep processing of peanut. Here we would make a brief introduction of the types of peanut machinery.

1. Peanut plough.

Peanut plough has the similar structure with general purpose plough, mainly supporting the small four-wheel tractor or walking tractor. Peanut plough has simple structure, low cost and operation of good quality. The ground fruit abscission rate is lower than 4%, loss rate is lower than 3% and the broken rate is lower than 1%. The peanut plough is a good tool with stable performance and higher economic benefits. But it can only be used for peanut digging operations. The following soil shaking, collecting and picking fruit also need to be accomplished by artificial. Thus, the work efficiency of peanut plough is lower and it can't meet the demand of multi-link mechanical work in peanut harvesting.

2. Peanut harvester.

Peanut harvest machine

Peanut harvester had been further improved on the function, it can realize digging and separation of fruit and soil, but artificial or mechanical collecting, transporting and picking of fruit are still needed. Swing digging is used instead of the combination of digging shovel and separating chain, digging and soil shaking can be accomplished in one part. Peanuts are spread orderly in the field after harvesting.

3. Peanut gleaning machine.

It can be used to separate the left peanuts from the soil and scatter them on the ground, then the peanuts can be picked up and recovered by artificial. Peanut gleaning machine is the product of high loss rate in harvesting.

4. Peanut picking machine.

Peanut Picking MachinePeanut Picking Machine

Peanut picking machine is used to pick peanut pods from peanut seedlings. It can be divided into the whole-feeding type and half-feeding type.

5. Peanut combine harvester.

Collecting type peanut combine harvester can pick up peanuts spread on the surface directly from the ground and complete the following fruit picking and cleaning operations. Peanut combine harvester can complete all the process of peanut harvesting, including digging, soil cleaning, picking, fruit and miscellaneous separation, fruit collection and seedling treatment, etc.