Customer from Israel purchased sesame processing equipment recently,sesame washing machine
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Customer from Israel purchased sesame processing equipment recently

The customer from one of the largest cookie roasting companies in Israel purchased our sesame washing machine, drying machine, sesame peeling machine, conveyor, sesame roasting machine, vibration sieve, air separator and other equipment on July 7th, August 10th and December 15th, 2016 respectively. The equipment he bought is used for processing the sesame, since he has his own raw material processing plant. After putting these equipment into production, the customer said that the sesame washing machine and other equipment have stable operation and he is quite satisfied about our equipment and service. Until now, the customer has purchased sesame processing equipment three times from our company.


Sesame washing machineSesame processing equipment

The sesame washing machine produced by our company is made of stainless steel with the advantages of good cleaning effect, automatic dehydration after washing, etc. The sesame washing machine makes use of the specific gravity of sesame to remove the sand through washing sesame seeds. After washing by the sesame washing machine, the sesame can be processed by the drying machine, sesame peeling machine, roasting machine and other equipment to get the best processing effect.

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