Roasting Machine, Small Peanut Roasting Machine for Sale
Small Peanut Roasting Machine for Sale

KF Small Peanut Roasting Machine

This small peanut roasting machine is mainly used to drying and roasting raw materials, oil bearing materials such as the soybean, chestnut,peanut,almond, sunflower seed,tea seeds, corn seeds, cotton seeds, palm, coconut and olive.
Small Peanut Roasting Machine
Feature of small peanut roasting machine :
1. It is very easy to use.
2. It is mainly heating way is coal,gas and electric
3. Forward and reverse rotary drum type roaster machine,Continuous operation
4. Safe and clean

Frying rate
KF-25G 60-80kg/h ≥98% 1000*500*900mm 700W
KF-130G 300-400kg/h ≥98% 1500*700*1500mm 1,500W
KF-140G 600-800kg/h ≥98% 2300*850*1700mm 2800W

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