Walnut Dryer, Walnut Drying Machine for Sale
Commercial microwave walnut drying machine for sale

Walnut dryer

The microwave walnut dryer is suitable for drying and sterilization of walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds and large quantities of nuts. As a walnut drying equipment with advanced technology, the microwave walnut drying machine has the features of fast drying, good sterilization effect, good quality, energy saving and no pollution.

Microwave walnut drying machine is different from the traditional process. It uses non-contact integral heating method to heat walnuts with no need for heat transfer. The material absorbs microwave directly and heats up as a heat source its itself. The moisture is removed from the inside to the outside of walnuts, which is efficient and energy saving. At the same time, the working environment of equipment is good. There is no high temperature heat source. Uniform heating keeps the nutrition, original color and shape of walnuts. The expansion rate is high with strong fragrance and natural colour.

Microwave walnut dryer

Microwave drying machine uses the heating effect and biological effect of microwave on walnut for sterilization and the effect is remarkable. In the environment of 85°C, it takes only a few minutes to make its internal bacteria changes due to protein denaturation and membrane permeability that bacteria loses enough nutrients and unable to make normal metabolism. Thus, its growth is restrained and dies.

The microwave walnut drying machine is mainly made of stainless steel plate, which has strong thermal insulation performance and does not cause environmental thermal pollution. Thus, it has good working environment. The microwave walnut drying machine adopts tunnel structure. It is equipped with PLC system and realizes assembly line. The manual setting system is fully automatic. It greatly enhances the cohesion of the whole production process and reduces labor intensity.