Microwave peanut roasting machine
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Microwave peanut roasting machine

Microwave peanut roasting machine uses the principle of microwave heating to bake and dry the peanuts in a short period of time. Because the peanuts are heated by the microwave from inside and outside, thus the heating time is shorter. Usually, peanuts can be heated to 130°C in 2-3 minutes by microwave peanut roasting machine. Since the peanut is heated in a short time, the moisture inside the peanut would be discharged quick to make the baked peanuts taste crispy.

Microwave Peanut Roasting Machine

To adapt to the taste of people in different regions, seasonings of different tastes can be added in peanuts, such as the brine peanuts and spicy peanuts that are sold on the market. The microwave peanut roasting machine is easy to operate with full automatic control, mechanized assembly line and low labor intensity. The peanuts baked by microwaves are crunchy, rich in flavor and not easy to get inflamed after eating. Welcome to purchase the microwave peanut roasting machine.

Technical parameters of microwave peanut roasting machine:
1. Total power: 40KW
2. Microwave power: 30KW (adjustable)
3. External dimension (LWH) : 11800 x 1362 x 1750mm
4. Microwave peanut baking temperature: 100 ~ 150°C (adjustable)
5. Conveyor belt width and speed: 750mm; 0 ~ 6 m/min
6. Equipment capacity: 150kg per hour
7. Uses: mainly used for baking, curing and sterilization of spiced peanuts, crunchy peanuts, brine boiled peanuts, peanut kernels, black peanuts, walnuts, almonds and other dried fruit and nuts.

The size of equipment can be custom-made according to the output. Our company can provide the prototype to make technology experiment. Welcome customers to visit our company and discuss business with us.