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Coating Pan for Sale

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Coating pan is mainly used for coating, glazing, granulating in the pharmaceutical industry. The coating pan can also be used in the foodstuff industry, such as sugar coating beans, edible nuts, seeds or candy as well as marble chocolate, peanut, fried flour-coated peanut, dumplings, crispy fruit and spicy bean etc. Now KMEC has researched, developed and improved the design of a complete stainless steel coating pan. Our coating pans has outstanding design and processed all the features of manufacturer’s demand for high quality and sanitary standards, which is necessary for the production of confections and ingredients with high quality.

Skin peanuts, Korea bean,chocolate peanuts, beans, mouthful of fragrant etc

The coating pan machine can produce skin peanuts, Korea bean,chocolate peanuts, beans, mouthful of fragrant etc.
When coating sugar with the coating pan, a proper amount of tablet are put into the coating pan. The pot of the coating machine always rotates with appropriate speed. According to the order of sugar coating, the isolated layer solution, adhesion agent solution, dusting powder and sugar solution are put into the coating pan in sequence. For each time of adding solution to the coating pan, the pan should rotate completely. If it is necessary, stir the solution which spread them evenly on the surface of the tablet. Subsequently, heat the coating pan with ventilation, to make them dry. If the dusting powder is need, they should be sprinkled at the time of adhesion agent spreading evenly. The coating pan rotates which make them stick to the surface of tablet. Then the airing and drying are needed. One thing should be noted during the whole process is: for each time of adding solution or sprinkle, they should be evenly; for each time of adding solution with evenly spreading, it is necessary to dry then completely before adding solution one more time. The thickness of adhesion agent is not too strong. Or it can not spread evenly. During the practical production, the layer of powder and other layers always use the way of slurry mixing that means the powder suspended in the adhesive solution and then they are added to the rotating tablet, which can reduce the dust and simplify the working procedure.