Operation process of coating pan
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Operation process of coating pan

1. Feeding: feed the tablets to be coating into the coating drum, take the gun bracket and spray gun into the pot and fixed.
2. Open the power switch, if necessary, the switch for wind supply and internal heating shall be open for the coating of materials.
3. Discharging: take the spray gun and blowing device out of the drum and remove the coating pan, then the material can be poured out.
Coating PanCoating Pan

1 In the operation of the machine, it is strictly prohibited to use hand or other things to block the tuyere and spray gun in order to avoid damaging the tuyere and the spray gun.
2 The finished products after coating must be dried in low temperature(air dry is better) and keep turning; avoid exposure and high temperature drying, otherwise it is easy to make pills oily or discolor.
3 The liquid adding or withdrawal of powder each time should be distributed evenly; after being fully dried, solution can be added again. The viscosity of the solution should not be too large, otherwise it is not easy to distribute evenly.

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