Operation of peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine for sale

Operation of peanut shelling machine

The peanut shelling machine and peanut machinery are popular among the farmers. The machine saves time and labor and they are good friend for farmers to get rich. Next, we are going to introduce the correct operation of peanut shelling machine.

peanut shelling machine1. Before using the peanut shelling machine officially, each fastener should be examined at first or check whether the screw parts is flexible or not. The peanut shelling machine should be placed on the stable ground.
2. After starting the motor, the machine should be run idle for a few minutes. Feed the peanut in uniform when the machine is in normal operation.
3. The feeding process should be uniform and proper without iron scrape and stones etc. when the peanut kernels cover the surface of the screen, the discharging mouth can be opened.
4. At last, one thing should be noticed is to select the proper screen on the basis of the size of peanut kernels.

In the shelling process of peanut shelling machine, if the peanuts are too dry, it will increase the breakage rate of peanut shelling. To solve that problem, you can soak the peanuts evenly with clear water and place them for a few hours before shelling in order to achieve the ideal shelling effect.

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