Processing technology of peanut fruit roasting - KMEC peanut machine
Peanut fruit roasting in China

Processing technology of peanut fruit roasting

Peanut -> selecting -> washing -> draining -> vacuum tasty -> oven roasting -> vacuum roasting -> cooling and packaging.
1. High quality and fresh peanut fruits of full particles, beautiful shape, thin shell, hard texture, uniform color and no mildew should be used; remove the sediment and impurities in the peanut shells with water.
Peanut Shelling Machine

2. The addition of composite antioxidant. Compound antioxidant of 0.1g/kg and 0.3 g / kg should be added according to the mass ratio, then stir slowly with boiling water to make it completely dissolved.
3. The preparation of flavoring liquid. Fresh liquorice is used as accessories to make flavoring liquid. Liquorice contains natural antioxidant ingredients and can increase the flavor of products as well. Put the liquorice in water, then simmer slowly until the sweetness of liquorice is released. Filter the water after cooling and then take the filtrate. Add salt, sweet and composite antioxidant according to the mass percent and stir evenly. Then mixed with the water to a certain weight and stir evenly.
4. Vacuum tasty. Immerse peanuts in the flavoring liquid.
Peanut Roasting Machine5. Oven roasting. Remove the peanut fruits from the flavoring liquid and dry them for a moment. The first stage: put peanuts into the roasting machine of 65~75℃ roasting with hot air in order to make the flavoring liquid in the peanut shell percolate through the peanut kernels, so that the peanut kernels could absorpt the flavoring liquid completely; the second stage: rise the temperature to 95℃ to remove the moisture on peanut shell surface; the third stage: rise the temperature to 105℃ to get the peanuts roasted; the fourth stage: put the roasted peanuts into a vacuum drying oven to make the peanuts fully roasted, then remove the peanuts and cool.
6. Packaging. Select the cooled peanut fruits and pick out the rotten one. Packaging with the multi-function film sealing machine.

Currently, the peanuts sold on the market are mostly processed by boiling tasty with long processing time and large energy consumption. The four stages of the roasting process by using the peanut roasting machine and vacuum drying machine, the roasting time could be greatly shortened.

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