Maintenance of peanut peeling machine
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Maintenance of peanut peeling machine

1. Peanut peeling machine adopts triangle belt for transmission. After being used for a period of time, the new belt will be gradually stretched and relaxed due to the tension, so regularly check for the tension of the drive belt and the clearance of connecting parts is quite necessary, then timely adjustment can be made.
peanut peeling machine
2. In the operation of peanut peeling machine, the operator should always pay attention to the speed, sound and temperature. After peeling one kind of peanut or working continuously for a whole day, the operator had better stop the machine and check whether the bearing is overheated and the tightening screw and key pin of each part is loose or not. Tighten the part timely then it is loose, especially the part of high speed, such as the wind turbine blade, especially whether the lower wind turbine blade is broken or frayed, the external reinforcement plate of blade is frayed or out of shape. Repair or replace the part in time if the problem is found.

3. Check the hanging shaft and all the active joints of the screen timely to find out whether there is shortage of oil and wear phenomenon. Replace the part or add oil timely when that occurs. Every time after peeling, clean up the sieve bottom plate of peanut peeling machine, namely apertures of cowl flap with a wire brush regularly.

4. At the end of the processing season, make a comprehensive check for the peanut peeling machine , including the operation and wear of the bearings, whether there is deformation or crack in the screen bottom and the wear of separating sieve. After the inspection, repair the damaged part and remove the dirt and residual peanuts.

5. Remove the belt after using and hang on the dry indoor wall and not exposed to the sun.