Sunflower Seed Sheller, Sunflower Seeds Shelling and Separating Equipment
Model 1200 sunflower seed sheller with competitive price !

1200 Sunflower Seed Sheller

Model 1200 sunflower seed sheller can realize impurity removing, shelling, separating, grading and rechecking of sunflower seeds and kernels. If there exists any unshelled seeds, they will be sent to the sunflower seeds shelling machine again, which greatly improves the degree of automation. The sunflower seeds shelling machine has low energy consumption, compact structure, small space occupation, less seed loss, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is the world’s best equipment for impurity removing, shelling and separating of sunflower seed at present.

Sunflower Seed Sheller

Main parts of Model 1200 sunflower seed sheller:
It consists of input hopper, spiral elevator, multi-functional impurity remover, bucket elevator, sheller (2sets), separator (3sets), Wind-recycling unshelled material system, kernels collector, control cabinet.

Technical parameters:
Power: 12.55 kw (380 v)
Weight: 6 tons
Capacity: 0.8-1.0 tons/hour
Installation height: 4 m
Operator: 2 people
Rate of perfect kernel: ≥90% (larger than half of whole kernels )
Floor space: 13.7 m * 2.8 m
Seed and kernel contained in shells: ≤0.3%
Grain contained in pure kernels: ≤3.5%

Sunflower seeds ShellerSunflower Seed ShellingSunflower Seeds Shelling MachineSunflower Seed Sheller Machine

Working Process:
Feeding materials -> Lifting materials -> Impurities removing -> Shelling seeds (2 sets of sheller) -> Peeling -> Separating husks and kernels -> Checking the kernels -> Recycling the unshelled seeds -> Shelling the unshelled seeds again -> Pure Sunflower kernels