How to use the peanut sheller machine
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How to use the peanut sheller machine

Peanut sheller machine

Peanut is a kind of healthy food which is fond of by most of people. We can buy peanut without shells on the market, but these peanuts are not peeled by hand but by the peanut sheller machine. Then dose everyone understand how to use the peanut sheller machine correctly?

The peanut should be in proper moisture content. If the peanut is too dry, the broken rate is high; if it is too wet, the working efficiency is affected. In order to make it proper, the below methods can be adopted.

Shelling in winter
1. Before shelling, spay 10kg warm water on the peanuts with shell uniformly and cover them by plastic film. Keep it for 10 hours (the covered time is 6 hours during other seasons). Then dry them under the sunshine for 1 hour before shelling.
2. The dry peanuts are soaked in the big pond, and pick up the peanuts, then cove them with plastic film. Then keep them for about 1 day. After that, dry the peanut under sunshine and shell the peanut with the proper moisture content. The methods of using peanut sheller machine and attentions.
1. Before using, do examine whether the fastening pieces are tightened or not, the rotating part is flexible or not, each bearing has enough lubricant oil or not. The peanut sheller machine should be placed on the stable ground.
2. After starting the motor, the direction of the motor should be consistent with the pointed direction of the machine. At first, the machine should be run idle for a few minutes. Then observe whether it has abnormal sound. After the machine is in normal operation, the peanuts are feeding into the hopper uniformly.
3. The peanut should be feed into the hopper uniformly and properly without iron scrapes and stones, to avoid of breaking the peanut kernel which causes the machinery failures. When the peanut are spread in the sifter surface completely, the discharging mouth could be opened.
4. Choose the proper sifter according to different size of peanut.
5. When the shell is increasing in the peanut kernel, the motor should be move downward to tighten the belt of fan and increase the air quantity.
6. During operation, the operator mustn't stand by the side of driving belt to avoid of injury.
7. After a short period of time, the machine should be cleaned the surface dust, dirty things and the inside remained pellet etc. before storage of the machine. The belt should be unpacked and stored in separate place. Each part of the bearings should be cleaned by the diesel oil and be coated with grease after drying. The machine should be place in the dry warehouse to prevent it from sunshine and raining. Peanut Sheller Machine
8. It is certain that each transmission parts and the bearing should have enough lubricant oil and clean or replaced the wearing parts regularly.

Working principle of peanut Sheller machine
The peanut sheller machine consists of the frame, fan, rotors, single phase machine, feeding hopper, vibration sifter, V belt pulley and the transmission belt. After the machine in normal operation, put a certain amount of peanut into the feeding hopper continuously and uniformly. After the repeated hitting, friction and collision of the rotor, the peanuts are crushed. The kernels and the crushed peanut shells are hit by the rotating wind pressure of rotor, and pass through the sifter with a certain aperture(the first time of sifter use the big mesh sifter, the cleared small peanut use the small mesh sifter for the second shelling) to screen and separate. Under the wind of rotating fan, the small weight peanut shells are blown out from the kernel, while the big weight kernel pass through the sifter for grading.

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