Features of peanut roaster machine
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Features of peanut roaster machine

As we all know, the peanut roaster machine are classified into electrical peanut roaster machine, natural gas roaster and coal burning roaster according to different power for heating. Now we mainly focus on the features of electrical peanut roaster machine.

Electrical peanut roaster machine is a new model high efficiency electrical roaster which has been developed by our factory based on many years production experience, to synthesize each type of raster’s advantages comparing with similar product from home and abroad. The finished products produced by this roaster has pure flavor and has the features of energy consumption saving, safety, clean and convenient, quick warming, energy saving, stable performance, low operation cost, long life service and easy maintaining. Our roasters have all up to the standard of standard of food hygiene and international product standard.

Peanut Roasting Machine
The electrical peanut roaster machine can be classified into conventional type (carbon steel type) and stainless steel. The rotation cage of the conventional type is the stainless steel mesh grid, the rest part are made of carbon steel, while the rotation cage, blade, equipment skin plating, feeding hopper, outlet hopper of the stainless type are all made of stainless steel. The conventional type and stainless type can use punching plate. The users are free to choose the model according to different feedstock and operating requirement. We can deign different roaster according to your purpose.

The electrical peanut roaster machine has automatic temperature control device, the temperature can be adjusted freely during the scope of 0-300 degree according to the feedstock requirement and it is easy to operate. The operation instructions must be abide by during the operation to avoid of the necessary lost. The operational instructions are like below:
1. Before using, the machine need to ground connection by zero line to ensure the safety of leakage of electricity.
2. Before opening the machine, the power electricity and the transmission part must be examined, then press the button of forward rotation and make the machine idle run for 3-5 minutes. Open the heating switches when the machine has no abnormal situations. During the temperature rising, the rotation cage can not stop in case of high temperature deformation.
3. The time of feeding should be staggered (3-5 minutes for each cage) when the roaster are equipped with many rotation cages, to avoid of feeding and discharging at the same time which are not easy to operate. About 75 Kg peanut are feed into the each rotation cage, and 100kg peanut kernel for each cage.
4. For each time of changing the peanut kernel or other feedstock, the 1-2 batch of feedstock should be roaster to estimate the roaster data (like the time and temperature of roasting) due to different moisture content of feedstock. Then the mess production can be carried out.
5. During the roaster process, milk white peanut need to roast for about 15 minutes, the red skin peanut need to roast for 30 minutes, the peanut kernel need to be roistered for about 40 minutes. Get out a sample form the rotation cage to observe the power. If it is enough, open the discharging plate and press the stop button. After 3-5 seconds, press the backward rotation button, the feedstock can flow out automatically. When discharging finished, press the stop button one more time, then press the backward button, feed the feedstock at the time of forward rotation of rotation cage and so on.
6. When the work is over, shut off the heating switch that the heating tube no long heat and the rotation cage continue to rotate without stop. When the temperature is lowed to 50 degree, press the button to stop the machine to stop the rotation cage. If the rotation cage stops with high temperature, the rotation cages are easy to bend and deformed, to damage the rotation cage.

Peanut Roaster Machine

The demand for peanut roaster machine has close relationship with the country’s peanut output, China, India, Nigeria and Senegal etc are the primary place of peanut production in the world, so the demand for peanut roaster machine is big. peanut roaster machine which produced by KMEC has wide range of application, one machine with several purpose. The roaster has improved on the basis of different country’s requirements to make the roaster easy to operate. Our products have been approved by customers, and welcome to purchase our products!